What is Marketing Automation?

“What is Marketing Automation?
Marketing automation describes a series of software processes that manage marketing activities. Without marketing automation users are forced to look in all kinds of places and manually assemble bits and sheets of data to both answer business questions and act on those answers.

With marketing automation, wineries can build intelligent segmentation lists to reach customers with specific messages starting with email but also a crosses to other channels like SMS messages phone calls and chat. But that’s just the start. With marketing automation you can set triggers to create actions and tasks based on customer behavior. For example, if a high value customer type unsubscribes from your email lists, you can set that event to create a task for someone to follow up by phone call to see if something happened or if it was intentional.

Another common use of marketing automation includes dynamic lists in which someone is added to the list if they meet certain criteria and automatically removed from the list when they fail to meet that criteria. This is a deep subject but I will mention one more situation and that is finding customers who stop opening your emails. Marketing automation is great at identifying specific time periods in which someone fails to open an email. You can trigger an activity as mentioned before, and you can also add them to a specific list to nurture them and see what might be happening.

Finally, the big topic of automation is customer engagement journeys that include multiple emails that are variable depending on how the prospect engages with them.

Marketing automation streamlines and simplifies time consuming accountabilities. In the end, one accomplished marketer using marketing automation tools can produce marketing ROI of used to require three people to accomplish.”

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